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Eureka Ignite 2 Burner Camp Stove $109.95

The Eureka camp stove is a good starter stove for those who want to be able to cook meals but don’t have the money for an RV stove.


  • Flame control

This stove is amazing and honestly beats my five hundred dollar Furrion on this point. When you turn this stove as low as it can go it can handle even the most delicate recipes. The control over the flame is superb for a camp stove (heck, any stove!).

  • Portability

This is great for those hot days when you really want a home cooked meal but don’t want to heat up your house. Or for camping trips where you want to cook away from home. You can always fold this guy up and take it along.

  • Cleaning

This stove is super easy to clean, with few cracks and crevices for food and grease to invade.

  • Efficiency

This stove makes a one-pound propane bottle last. It can sustain both burners at maximum flame for 90 minutes, which was a way better rating than all the other options anywhere near this price point.


  • Big footprint

The biggest downside to this stove is its footprint. It is pretty bulky and the adapter to hook up to propane juts out about a foot and change so that must be accommodated. In a tiny kitchen where counter space is a premium, this can be a major problem. However, there are likely aftermarket adapters out there that aren’t so large and rigid.

  • Feet

The feet on this stove can leave marks on surfaces that can be hard to get rid of. I have no idea why but it’s something to be aware of.

Furrion 17" range stove $579.99

The Furrion 17" stove/oven combo is a great addition to any tiny home. Not only does it have a sleek modern look that instantly ups the wow factor of any tiny kitchen, but it also stands up to all the bumps and shakes that come along with offroading in a school bus. If you want to treat yourself to a more indoor kitchen experience as opposed to a camp kitchen this is the stove for you.

This stove comes in 17, 20, and 21" variations. Be aware this size difference is only in the height of the oven. All other dimensions are the same.

The three burners get hot quickly and can boil water in a jiffy, but when it comes to the low end of their heat output, these are not the most sensitive burners in comparison to others I have used. But overall I have cooked a variety of dishes on this stove and it has yet to be inadequate for any meal.


  • 3 burners

With my two-burner stove I was always having to swap out pots and felt like I always had a pot waiting in line for an available burner. This was especially problematic during breakfast when I was trying to make eggs, pancakes AND have coffee going! Now that is a problem of the past.

  • Built-in stove

The built-in stove is an upgrade from the average standalone cooktop. I love pizza and missed not being able to grab a frozen pizza when I wasn’t feeling up to cooking dinner.

  • Igniter Options

If you don't want/are unable to hardwire the stove into your electrical for whatever reason, it comes with a manual igniter. Just a turn of the knob and whoosh, you’re cooking. No lighter needed.

  • Communicative company

If you have any issues, questions, or need help installing, Furrion is a great company that responds quickly.

  • Efficient

For having 3 burners and a stove it does alright hooked on a five-pound propane tank. I cook dinner practically every night using at least two burners each meal along with boiling water for coffee, tea, and cleaning and typically refill the tank every three weeks or so.


  • Inadequate packaging

This means your stove may arrive with a few bumps straight out of the box (see the minor dent in the unit I received) But as mentioned above Furrion is a responsive company and we reached what to me felt like a fair solution pretty quickly.

  • Awkard stovetop spacing

The stovetop grate that comes with the stove has large-ish gaps above the flame. I use a small Moka pot that can be a bit precariously balanced in the space between. Furrion does make a diecast grate that can be purchased that has a much better space ratio.

roadpro 12v oven $44.99

This is the most budget-friendly option for someone who is on a shoestring budget.


  • Electric

For those who don’t have the infrastructure or resources to set up solar or propane, this is a great option as it can plug into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter *see note below

  • It actually can cook raw food!

This stove is small but powerful. It can actually cook raw bone-in meat, make rice, cook vegetables, and bake biscuits (when flattened into thinner pieces) to name a few.

  • Safety

This stove has a built-in fuse to protect it and you! Fuses are car fuses that are easily swappable in the event of them being blown.


  • No controls

This stove has only on and off. Meaning it will take some experimentation to figure out how long to cook different dishes. I have actually more often than not overcooked food in this guy.

  • Small

The portion size is extremely limited. Can feed three hungry-ish adults with leftovers. Mind you that’s if you really pack it but it’s going to take longer to cook. Not a viable option for large families.

* This stove has lots of negative reviews about its inability to get hot. That is because many car cigarette lighter ports cannot supply the maximum amount of power that this stove draws. I recommend wiring a dedicated cigarette port that supplies at least 12 amps, or hardwiring it to a power source to get the most out of this stove.



Some of the items on this list are not specific to the cubic mini, but just the pros and cons of a woodstove as a heating stove.


  • Free fuel

While the cost of this stove and the setup don't come cheap, there is plenty of free fuel out there to be foraged or picked up (scrap wood from construction or cut trees) to keep you warm free of charge.

  • Ambiance

This is usually the first thing visitors notice about the bus. It is a great conversation piece. I used this stove through temps down to zero degrees and it definitely makes for any cold night extremely cozy.


  • Hidden costs

When I purchased the cubic mini, I thought it was a great price, but the costs for the other accessories needed to install (stove pipe, boot, chimney cap, etc.) can really add up.

  • Ash

This isn't specific to the Cubic mini but would apply to all wood stoves in mobile homes. Driving can spread ash and particulates which can make a mess and could be a health hazard to people with allergies or asthma. Cleaning the stove after every use can help mitigate this con.



Flexible solar panels get a bad rap for output and durability in hot climates. So far these panels have held up just fine.


  • Flexibility

The light and flexible nature of these panels mean they fit against the curved surface of my roof meaning I was able to mount them closer to the edge and maximize roof space.

  • Easy install

The weight of these panels meant they didn't need to be mounted with heavy-duty hardware that screwed into the roof. Just a bit of Eternabond tape and you are good to go.


  • Overheating

In my research about the downsides of flexible panels, I learned they can be damaged by their inability to dissipate heat. As I operate primarily in the pacific northwest this is not a huge concern for me. There are also some installation methods that create an airgap that can help avoid this problem.