two people standing in front of a school bus
I considered tiny living in different forms, (e.g. container homes, tiny homes on a trailer, etc.) but a skoolie made so much sense as they were cheap, didn’t need a vehicle to haul, and already offered a great sturdy steel foundation!

wood framing for a bed

Social media is filled with tons of gorgeous custom skoolie/van builds. Live edge wood slab counters, handmade tile, and costly composting toilets are commonplace. Seeing these conversions can cause many people feel like this lifestyle is out of reach because of the costs, but conversions don’t have to be money pits.

under bed storage filled with camping gear

Living tiny forces you to decide what you truly have space for in your life. Not just in a physical sense, but also to separate which activities and belongings truly enrich your life and which are just clutter.

If you were to turn on the faucet one morning, and no water came out, you would call a plumber because clearly, you have a problem with your pipes. Never in your wildest dreams would you imagine that no water was coming from the faucet because there is no water.

Like all decisions you'll make along your journey, there is no absolute right or wrong answer. It all depends on your circumstances, the resources you have available, and your ultimate goals for your build.