ABOUT MEHello! I am Alicia, a skoolie (school bus) converter, adventurer, tiny living enthusiast, and creative re-claimer!
I've spent the past two years converting my mini school bus Bumblebee into my dream off-grid tiny home on wheels.
I want to share the knowledge I’ve gained on this long and often bumpy journey to help others decide if tiny living is right for them, ease the transition into tiny life, and break down barriers that often block this lifestyle from those who might benefit the most from it.


I considered tiny living in different forms, (e.g. container homes, tiny homes on a trailer, etc.) but a skoolie made so much sense as they were cheap, didn’t need a vehicle to haul, and already offered a great sturdy steel foundation! Click to read more...



The Skoolie Guide is my attempt to distill all of the experience I've gained over this journey into simple one-page reads. If you are beginning or considering beginning a conversion but have no idea where to begin these are for you! Get yourself oriented in the basics of solar, water systems, and more! Purchase them individually or head over to Patreon to subscribe to get all current (and future) guides. Below you can see samples and below that navigate to Patreon to unlock all the current subjects. Guides added monthly.

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This one covers the basic components and setup of an off-grid solar system.

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More importantly, my hope is for this content to serve people who experience homelessness, housing insecurity, or risk of violence due to their marginalized status (e.g. those aging out of the foster care system, trans people, and BIPOC people to name a few…). I hope sharing this knowledge can help these folks gain access to a foothold in this lifestyle that would mean so much more than just cute Instagram or Pinterest pics.

My goals don’t stop at knowledge sharing. While considering my own experience and the barriers I faced along the way, I dreamed up the idea of Skoolie Harbor. The idea is a space that could serve as an ad hoc community that can provide support through sharing of resources (space, tools, and knowledge). If you would like to stay updated on this community-building project, please add your email for general updates. Really interested? Become a Patreon subscriber, make a one-time donation, to receive regular detailed updates.

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